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Hi, my name's Padde & i reaed a lot i read books REAL BOOKS i read them im so diferent idk its so weird bc i have really intersting hobbies like drinking fine pu erh hazelberry tea while looking out of my window and counting leaves but no one seems to get my creativity and how fun i can be i guess im just that unique idk... im just really weird and romantic u know, who needs drugs i get high on life :--)

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The FBI caught a terrorist last week, but since he is not Muslim, you probably didn’t hear about it on the news.

Talbot is a white, radical right-wing conservative who was arrested by the FBI on charges of “attempted interference with commerce by robbery, solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an explosive material.”

His plan was to rob banks to fund his revolution, and then also blow up mosques.


Well, since the ‘blowing up mosques’ part is more or less on the CIA’s agenda, you can see why the FBI wouldn’t want to call him a terrorist…

Fox News on this issue:

*cricket orgy noises*


femininity is sooo intertwined w capitalism too like if you needed more proof that its not harmless. There are billion dollar industries built on making women feel like shit. And these companies are all owned by men. These men make money off us and then tell us we arent good enough so that they can make more money off us. 

you know that phrase “being a woman is expensive”? thats not an accident.

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Kids please don’t think that it’s unusual or special to be dating someone with whom you can watch netflix and eat pizza and hold hands and also have hot sex with

It concerns me when I see millions of notes on a post that’s like “fuck me hard but also be sweet with me”

Like what kinds of relationships are you in that you think this is a revolutionary thing to ask

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Jeff Koons. Coloring Book 2011

Mirror polished stainless steel with transparent color coating.
222 x 131 1/2 x 9 1/8 inches

1 of 5 unique versions

Goodbye, Young Master. I know you will become… the King of Pirates.

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Vashtie for Supreme

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Honestly??? UO stays fucking up

It isn’t available for purchase anymore, according to TIME, but I have a very hard time believing it was “merely coincidental” that they chose a university that had a worldwide known shooting in 1970 to put onto a sweatshirt that was purposefully made to look “vintage” with red splatters that resemble blood. Their excuse was that the red stains were discoloration from the original shade of the shirt… Bullshit.

I should add for those who don’t know, Kent State students were peacefully protesting the Cambodian Campaign in May 4, 1970 when the Ohio National Guard carelessly shot 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds into a crowd of protesters and on lookers; killing 4, wounding 9, and paralyzing 1.

Just a few weeks ago, Zara took down a shirt from their website that was identical to the Jewish prisoner uniforms they had to wear in concentration camps (including the golden “replica” of the Star of David).

A consumer psychology expert told TIME that controversy is good for business, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Companies like Urban Outfitters (who are known to appropriate cultures) and Zara are exploiting tragedies to create controversy for a profit. It’s a business model that seriously needs to end.

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when you watch such an amazing show as In The Flesh it really puts other shows you watched into perspective and you see how bad they actually were

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